I believe in being as up-front as possible and letting my clients know exactly what to expect. Below you can find my payment terms so there are no nasty surprises.

Every freelancer should have (reasonable) payment terms and a guarantee. They help to make sure that cash flow is healthy, that we trust our clients and that we can complete projects without worrying (too much) about invoice payment.

I am open to discussion on due dates and can work with you to create a payment plan that suits both of us. Ultimately, I just want to get paid for my work and make sure both of our cash flows are healthy.

For details on my suggested payment plans, click here.

For reference, UK Government guidelines and rights - https://www.gov.uk/late-commercial-payments-interest-debt-recovery

You can read about the philosophy and intent behind these terms at the bottom of the page.


These payment terms apply to orders directly from me and not through a 3rd party (Fiverr, People per Hour or an intermediary). In those situations, their terms will supersede these.

Philosophy and Intent

The intent of these terms is not to punish, but to ensure there are fair processes and frameworks in place going forward that you know about in advance.

They are also there to help the project by making sure that my cash flow is kept steady, so I don't go under suddenly and can finish the work to a high standard. The less time I spend worrying about money, the more I can focus completely on your project.

The short version is if there is a reasonable level of communication and payment timeframe, there's nothing to worry about. I'm a reasonable person and I'm more than happy to work things out and help with your cash flow as long as I'm kept in the loop.

At the end of the day, we're both businesses trying to survive and thrive in this economy.

Payment Terms

Sound good?

If you're happy with my guarantee and payment terms, then we have the start of a good working relationship!

Wouldn't it be a shame to waste this rare opportunity?