I believe in being as up-front as possible and letting my clients know exactly what to expect. Below you can find my payment terms so there are no nasty surprises.

I am open to discussion on due dates and can work with you to create a payment plan that suits both of us. Ultimately, I just want to get paid for my work and make sure both of our cash flows are healthy.

For details on my suggested payment plans, click here.

For reference, UK Government guidelines and rights -

You can read about the philosophy and intent behind these terms at the bottom of the page.


These payment terms apply to orders directly from me and not through a 3rd party (Fiverr, People per Hour or an intermediary). In those situations, their terms will supersede these.

  • You will be fully protected by my guarantee.
  • By agreeing to any quote, estimate, brief, or to start work, you agree to these payment terms in full (these terms are linked on any quote/invoice).
  • Payments should be made by the due date on the invoice (usually 30 days from issue unless otherwise agreed).
    • If an invoice is not paid, ongoing work will stop until we can come to a mutually agreed plan.
  • Before work starts, you will normally be required to pay a deposit.
    • If the project is under £500 the rate is 50%, if equal to or over it is 30%.
    • If you wish to pull out of the agreement, the deposit will be refunded pro-rata in proportion to the amount of work done.
    • If paying by the hour and the total number of hours worked totals out at less than the deposit, the remainder will be refunded pro-rata.
  • Where applicable, the release of work will be made after all invoices have been fully paid, unless a prior agreement has been made.
    • Previews of work will be sent out in a manner where it can be reviewed, but not used (where possible).
  • Bugs and mistakes found during the duration of a project will be fixed for free.
  • When a project is completed and has been approved by you, additional fixes will be billed as a separate job but will not be subject to deposit or delivery terms (payment terms still apply). For details on why, I take a similar approach to the one found in this article -
  • If you want extended support, a maintenance contract will be required.

Philosophy and Intent

The intent of these terms is not to punish, but to ensure there are fair processes and frameworks in place going forward that you know about in advance.

They are also there to protect me and make sure that my cash flow is kept steady, so I don't go under mid-project.

The short version is if there is a reasonable level of communication and payment timeframe, there's nothing to worry about. I'm a reasonable person and I'm more than happy to work things out and help with your cash flow as long as I'm kept in the loop.

At the end of the day, we're both businesses trying to survive and thrive in this economy.