Software development is a genuine passion for me (not just because I can do it in my joggers) and has been since I started coding games as a child.

I enjoy the challenge, every project feels like a unique and interesting puzzle to try and solve!

Over years I've kept up with developments in technologies, learned new languages and generally had a blast.

It's a real pleasure to be able to do it as a career.

Languages & Frameworks

I'm proficient on the following languages and frameworks:

  • PHP projects
    • Raw/custom
    • Laravel
    • Symfony
    • Silex
    • Wordpress
    • Bolt CMS
  • Standard web stack
    • HTML & HTML5
    • CSS, CSS 3
    • JavaScript
    • SASS & LESS
  • Python
  • Linux Shell
    • MVC 4
    • Core
  • Unity Game Development (C# only)

You can read more about my software development experience on my CV.

What I can do for you

My fixed price services can be found on Fiverr and I can quote for bespoke work.
Here are some ideas of what I could do for your projects and ventures:


Need a task automating or have something repetitive you want to cut down on?
I'm your guy, I try as much as possible to cut down on unnecessary tasks so I can focus on the important tasks.
So much time is wasted on repetitive tasks that could easily be automated via shell scripts or software.

I could build you a discreet server backup unit hosted on a raspberry pi, an automated build server or even just find you a piece of software suited to your needs.

Bug Fixing

Got a troublesome bug you can't fix?
Pass it my way!
I can give you a consultation, write a report or fix it for you.

Data Migration

As it says on the tin.
Move your data between server or convert it between platforms/schemas.
Nothing fancy, just good old fashioned data transport.


Just finished a project and want recurring update over time?
I can set aside some hours on a recurring maintenance contract every month in order to perform these updates.


Project running slow?
Hand it to me, I'll polish that code till you can eat off of it (that is if you can catch it with how quick it will run).
I can give you a consultation, write a report or improve performance for you.

Project Rescue

One of your project not going right? Been in your to-do pile for a while?
I'll make sure it gets finished and work with you to at least break-even on it.
I get some work, you get that pesky project off of your plate and your client is happy it's completed.
Everyone wins!