I believe in being as up-front as possible and letting my clients know exactly what to expect.

To this end, I've outlined some ballpark costs and my hourly rates.

This should help give you an idea of what I cost and if we can work together.

To read about my payment terms, click here.

PLEASE NOTE: This page can be subject to change depending upon the state of the market or my perceived value. Active quotes will not be affected by my changes here.


The intent of this section is to provide a fair pricing structure for you, respect my own time and ensure any charges incurred are covered.

When a project is properly funded, not only am I a very happy boy, but you don't get cut corners, just a quality end result.

The overall intent is to ensure that happens so that everybody wins.

Hourly Rates

  • CAD - £15
  • Software, Web & Game Development - £30


My desired day rate for contracting (8hr days) is £260 for on-site and £230 for remote.

As a contracting is usually more regular and long-term, I'm open to negotiation on this.

Hourly Rate Increases

My rate increases depending upon different circumstances, these will only kick in if you request these options.

The rate increase stacks on top of each other in the order displayed here.

Charge Increase
1. Long-term/regular on-site work 1.2x
2. Out of regular hours (8am-6pm) 1.5x
3. Emergency (i.e drop everything) 3x


I have a few surcharges for different expenses.

The 'Fuel & Upkeep' rate is based upon the government guidelines for mileage and fuel rates.

'Misc. Expenses' are costs accrued during the job. Accomodation, transport tickets, equipment, software etc.

Surcharge Amount
Travel time Current rate per/hour
Fuel & Upkeep 45p/mile
Misc. Expenses Amount charged to me.

People per Hour & Worksome

My rates are different on my worksome and People per Hour profiles.

This is done to cover the commission fees added by these sites.


This section isn't intended to serve as a complete guide or as a list of fixed costs as every project is different.

Using portfolio items (only ones I own the copyright to) I'm going to give you an example of how long these projects might take and how much they would have cost.

All example here are done using bespoke work from scratch, when actually working on a project I have templates and pre-built systems I use to reduce costs.

These costs assume 8 hour days.

Asteroid Deathmatch Website

This one is an interesting case, as I've actually got a Fiverr gig set up for this type of site.

The Fiverr gig is much lower in cost compared to creating this from scratch, as this gig is done (mostly) via a set template and automated scripts I've created. This allows these sites to be done for cheap and knocked out in less than a day, the perfect product for the Fiverr format (in my opinion).

The original site, content, and template took about 8 hours to complete. Making it's bespoke cost £240.

Time: 8 hours

Cost: £240


AQHAT is one of my Unity products, it's sold on asset stores for £5~.

Created from scratch, the development time of this script would have been about seven days (including testing, research etc.)

Time: 7 days~

Cost: £1680~

My Portfolio

That's right, it's getting meta. I'm talking about this very website, excluding content writing and graphic design (I outsourced for this).

This website was made using Bolt CMS and Bootstrap with customization via SASS.

The time taken to create a brief, create the theme, setting up the content types and testing with sample content was about 2.5 weeks~.

I also have a Fiverr gig setup for websites.

Time: 2.5 weeks~

Cost: £3000~