Wortley is one of my oldest clients and is one that I still work with to this day by maintaining their website and assisting with the brand where possible.

The work I do for them is done out of pocket, they only contribute towards server and domain costs.

Overall Wortley includes some of the earliest examples of my professional work and I think when comparing this to my more modern projects, you can see a clear progression.


With this website, I wanted to portray a professional and warm clubhouse, where the content is reminiscent of notices on the wall.

Whilst, of course, remaining within the branding guidelines of Rotary International.

This was more apparent in the first version of the design, but over the years I thought best to transition to a slightly more clean and professional look.

The website itself has systems in place to post member updates, bulletins and log attendance.

This was the first implementation of the (now deprecated) CMS I built, Petri. The aim is to eventually replace this when I have a moment with Bolt and my Social Platform, but as the club depends upon some of the systems within this has been delayed.

Business Card

The design was created to match the branding set out by Rotary International. I left a significant side of the rear of the card blank, this was intended by members to write their own details and any required notes.


Over the years I've covered events and created promotional videos for them, sometimes on my own and sometimes with the assistance of Cuan/Peter.

What's On

This was created from footage taken over the years and by my Uncle/Cousins. The intention was to create a simple video embedded on the website showcasing upcoming events and the like.

Renovation of Ecclesfield Stocks (2012)

This film was taken long before I got professional audio equipment (hence the tinny sound quality) and you can really tell!

Peter did his best to rescue the audio and did an amazing job so I can't fault him there.

I'm pretty happy with the camerawork and narrative with this video.

40th Charter Night (2012)

This one is my favorite out of them all, as it shows my Great Uncle & Aunt dancing as they used to in the 60s (00:30).

It was filmed entirely by myself with no other crew and the music was pieced together using audio from the event.

It also has my old animated logo from Eager Amoeba® in its low-fidelity glory.

Santa's Sleigh (2011)

A very quick film made with the assistance of Peter and stock music.

One of my earliest examples of film-making and includes an awful early iteration of the Eager Amoeba® logo.

Business Cards
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