While trying to find more things to put in my portfolio (during my film-making career) I thought it would be fun and visually striking to have something a little more risque on there.

I reached out to Secrets of the Boudoir Burlesque and filmed 2 events over two consecutive years, releasing a series of videos for each.

I quite like these videos on a production level (more the 2013 series over 2012) as I think they are some of the best examples of work in my film-making career and show a clear progression of quality in my work over two years.


The first set of videos was filmed at West Street Live in 2012 and was my first attempt at using a multi-camera setup.

Peter also assisted on sound, which involved recording the output from the mixing desk and mixing it later in post-production.

Supernova 2 (2013)

The second set of videos was filmed at The Leadmill for their Supernova 2 event and compromised of a crew of three (me, Peter and my cousin Cuan).

We improved the production quality by using a camera setup similar to that of 3 point lighting as the sound desk allowed us to have an elevated camera at the back and two moving ones either side of the stage.

Peter also used a similar method for recording sound but this time we had the addition of two mics either side of the stage at the back, in an attempt to get a stereo recording of the crowd.

While only Deadly Nightshade & Raven Noir's videos are available online, we did edit the majority of acts but unfortunately did not hear back from performers on where they wanted them released, they didn't want them available publically or ran into copyright issues.