Petri is a (now deprecated) content-management system, hoping to bridge the gap between developers and customers whilst limiting developers as little as possible. It was intended as a baseline for both websites and web-based databases.

Whilst developing for the web I found myself unsatisfied with the content management systems on the market. None of them allowed the customisability I wanted for database production at the time. For this reason, I created my own basic CMS/framework to facilitate my needs.

All of my sites between 2013-2017 ran on Petri.

Deprecated in 2017 in favor of Bolt and Symfony in 2017 as the projects were heading in the same direction and got there sooner with better implementation and UI. Only so much a single person can do!

If I were to do this project over, I think I'd have made it open-source from the start in order to have more developers on the project.

When I have a little time (and Wortley Rotary has been migrated), I'll update the website and release this as open source.

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