I become involved with Music in the Gardens through the Rotary Club of Wortley and my Uncle. I was asked my Uncle (a member of Wortley's at the time) to come film the festival for their website. Whilst there, I got talking to Geoff (one of the festivals organiser) and this led to managing their website.

As they were a charity web maintenance, the films were done in exchange for a basic fee covering food and petrol.

This involved a crew of between 2-5 people at any one time, where we spent roughly 4 nights filming each act and interviewing any of them that were willing.

The films were then shown at the cheque presentation event, where I got to say a few words before they were shown.

I quite liked working with Music in the Gardens and it was interesting to interview those from Radio Sheffield and bands such as; Bellowhead, 10cc, From the Jam and Heaven 17!


This websites design changed yearly to accommodate the festivals growth and changing web standards.

In each iteration of the design we wanted to quantify the feeling of a summers day with live music. The headline being a big focus of each design.


The 2012 film was made with the experience gathered from covering Secrets of the Boudoir Burlesque earlier that year and was only intended to be used to promote Wortley Rotary Club. I was assisted by Peter and my cousing Cuan at various points.

Whilst there we got talking to the event organisers and decided to cover the entire festival.


2013's Music in the Gardens was a fantastic event spanning over four nights at the Botanical Gardens in Sheffield. The festival took place from the 3rd to the 4th of July and had big names such as From the Jam, Bellowhead, Omar Puente and as always, The Sheffield Philharmonic Orchestra and a Fireworks Display!

We turned up, filmed as much of the festival as possible (whilst conducting as many interviews as we could) then produced an edit with the footage collected based upon a plan created before arrival.

My personal favourite is 2013's film.


We did actually cover the 2014, unfortunately the festival wasn't a fan of this one so didn't use it in their general marketing push.

This film is viewable at the bottom of this page and is unlisted on our YouTube channel.

While this could have done with some work I think it turned out reasonably well for the non-existant budget and it was interesting to try this format of film for a change.

Big thanks to Maria for stepping up as the presenter!

The Rotary Ad

Music in the Gardens is fully supported and run by the Rotary Clubs of Sheffield. During the festival, one of their respected members gave a few words about the proceedings.

The idea behind this sketch was to produce a spin on the Fast Show's Rowley Birkin QC. This was done on next to no budget and a very limited timespan.

The zoom, portrait and fireplace have all been digitally created after the fact. The portrait itself was used as a method for concealing an immovable mirror.

I must admit I'm not a huge fan of this ad but with the limited budget I think we did ok.

End of an era

After a few years in 2015 we parted ways, this was mainly due to me changing tactics in my business (moving away from media and towards software development) and both parties being unable to afford the basic rising costs of film-making.

Their current website and media are now managed by another agency.

Website Design (2014)