Fetch was created as a supporting organisation to the NewTubers subreddit, in their own words:

fetch allows us the freedom to create real tools and better organize our assistance, as opposed to a bunch of random reddit threads and links.

I briefly had a YouTube career and participated in the NewTubers community, both as a YouTuber and as a volunteer department head within NewTubers and Fetch. I was in charge of helping write articles for the brand.

As part of this, I was asked to build a site for the organisation that wouldn't break the bank and thus, this site was born!

The Good

I'm relatively proud of this site, it was my first project transitioning away from the CMS I built into something more widely supported and scalable - Bolt CMS

The site works well, has low load times, it's sort-of responsive and is still used to this day!

Part of the project was rescuing some old web applications that another developer had created. The A/B tester and the how-to sections required fixing in a number of ways (mainly adding prepared statements via PDO). As there was a strict timescale, budget and a management panel already in place, these were placed into the site via an iframe rather than creating individual extensions for them.

Honest Critique

If I were to do this today (money and time no object), I'd do a few things differently.

This doesn't mean to say the site is bad (far from it) there are just some old-school practices which I hadn't got out of the habit of yet during production.

Responsive Design

The first area I'd take a look at would be the responsive design.

At the moment, the site uses the ismobileclient function to check if the site is on a mobile device. If so, a different CSS file is served.

Coming from the embedded and traffic world, this was before I'd got fully into Bootstrap and was an attitude of 'every kb matters' in both disk size and bandwidth.

I'd want to re-do the responsiveness to use Bootstrap so that a fully CSS solution was present, rather than relying on the server to judge if someone was on a mobile device.


This was the best solution at the time (given the budget) but it's not a perfect one and adds to the mobile incompatibility issues the site presents.

If I were to rebuild the site today, I'd look at making the how-to guide use Bolt's contenttypes and custom logic within a twig template.

I'd also want to re-do the A/B tester in a similar manner, but this would require custom routes within Bolt via an extension.

Final Words

I quite like this site, even though it's flawed I think it demonstrates a site that stands up over several years and something that shows great value for their budget at the time.

One of the iframe embed apps