Cloud has led the field in high-quality commercial audio systems for more than three decades.

They've been a client of Rare's for many years and as always happens with code their old site was in need of an upgrade as the old CMS became old and out of date.

The brief given to me was to finish the new website, using the work already completed by Myke, in one sprint as it was coming close to the release of Cloud's new product line 'Contractor Series'. I managed to achieve this and hit the required deadline, having the majority of the work completed before Christmas.

The website was built in Laravel and followed the old structure, using the Bootstrap framework as it's design lines up nicely with Cloud's existing branding. It also involved a fairly complex retrofitting of the speaker calculator, old urls and localisation for US content.

This was my last project before leaving Rare and I'm happy to say I left on a high note!

Product page