Platform updates are making sure your code follows the latest version of the framework or technology that is available.

A crucial step in ensuring stability and security for your project.

Why does it matter?

Security and future-proofing.

Letting your code get several version numbers behind means you miss out on crucial security updates and make it harder to take advantage of new features the longer this goes on.

Why outsource?

Simply put - workload.

I don't recommend outsourcing updates of your active (currently being worked on) projects as you'll just leave your dev team sitting on their hands.

Instead, it's worth outsourcing updates to old projects that are getting a bit dusty. Allowing you to future-proof your old systems 'behind the scenes' without taking away developers from your biggest priorities.

Platform Updates

Too many updates?

They do pile up rather quickly!

Let's have a quick chat to see how I could help make your old projects a little less dusty.