I offer the following payment plans when working with me.

My personal favourite is payment in stages, as it's easier on both of your cash flows.

These are only suggestions and if you have something else in mind please let me know!

End of project

End of a project will ALWAYS confer a deposit, regardless of project size.

Regardless of the payment plan, work will not be delivered until payment has been made.

Payment in stages (milestones)

If the total cost of a project is over £1000 then the recommended option will be payment in stages. This is to help both your and my cash flow.

For particularly large projects, I may only accept this plan.

Payment in stages allows for work to be delivered as work is completed and pre-defined stages are hit (e.g X feature complete), providing invoices have been paid.


Pay by the hour works roughly the same as 'end of project', in both invoicing and deposits, but I will also invoice at the end of the month for work completed if the project takes that long.

An estimated number of hours can be given upon request, along with how much we expect to deviate.

If I start to approach this number and it looks like more hours will be required, I'll get in touch to let you know and figure out how you want to progress.

Alternatively, I can just keep a log of my time and bill for what's accrued.