Clear Communication

Clear Communication

Clear communication, trust, honesty and great ideas are the cornerstone of any project.

To secure success, I make every effort to ensure we understand each other.

Thorough Quality Control

Thorough Quality Control

How do you avoid a stupid mistake?

Coffee and double-checking!

Everything On-Time

Everything On-Time

There's a clear window for projects to succeed and maintain relevancy.

Deadlines will be given, agreed upon and will be kept to.

I try to take pride in my work, myself and my core principles.

This has led me to hold myself to a high standard and some interesting philosophies.

In terms of my work - I believe in complete testing, timely delivery, clear communication, trust and making my clients as happy as possible.

I believe all freelancers should hold similar principles and workflow (or at least their own versions) as they help to make sure a healthy relationship is forged and maintained on every project.


Clear Communication

Communication will be made primarily via e-mail and phone calls.

Each time a phone call is made and important information is discussed, a summary e-mail will be sent out after the fact to ensure a record is kept and to ensure that we are on the same page.

I also believe in having meeting agendas to create efficiency in communication, make sure everything is covered and reduce the number of fruitless meetings had. Saving you money and time!

If communication is kept clear, concise and recorded, a project will go smoothly 99% of the time!

Delivery & Payment On-Time

Projects will be attempted to be delivered within the agreed upon timescale to the best of my ability.

If at any time I believe more time is required you will be informed and we will enter into discussions about how to proceed based upon your payment plan. I will make sure we come to a fair arrangement for both of us and make sure that the added time does not take the mick.

This also applies to my bills. I've outlined enough in the Terms section about how I expect to be paid on time and I apply the same courtesy to those that work for me.

Testing & Quality Control

All code will be tested thoroughly on the environment requested (or the closest approximation) to ensure that the software is running how it should.

I also try to create unit and automated testing wherever possible to simplify the process.


Trust is a two-way street and a big part of a good working relationship.

I have payment terms which keep me protected, but I also provide a guarantee to keep your interests protected.

These both help to create a good, trusting relationship between myself and clients. Which all in all creates a much better end result!

Honesty & Responsibility

The truth hurts sometimes, not everything will always go 100% right every time and Murphy's Law will eventually come into effect.

This won't stop me from being honest with you. I make sure to have those uncomfortable conversations with you so we can move forward and find a workable solution together.

How you fail matters less than how you recover, how quickly you make those involved aware and that you take responsibility for your own mistakes.


Working with me is something I try to make as painless as possible.

You have three main ways to initiate the process:


The process will look something like this:

First Phase

  1. Initial discussion to gauge requirements.
  2. Delivery of quotes, terms, and deposit.
  3. You agree to the quote, terms, and deposit. I send out the deposit invoice.
  4. Deposit is paid by you.
  5. Project brief is outlined and agreed upon.

Work Starts

  1. Work begins on the project or the first stage of the project.
  2. Whilst work is being completed, I keep you updated on progress regularly and provide previews of work.
  3. Once work is completed on a project or a stage, the invoice for this will be sent out and I will ask for your sign-off.
  4. If more stages are to be completed, work will progress along all stages as long as invoices are paid on time.

Wrapping Up

  1. Once the project reaches completion, I will attempt to schedule a debrief with you to ensure that the brief has been filled and done to the expected standard.
    • If you are not satisfied, I will work with you to rectify this. See my guarantee for more details on your rights here.
    • If you are satisfied, I will ask for your approval over e-mail and move on to the next step.
  2. After getting your approval over e-mail, the project is s delivered to you once all invoices are paid in full.
  3. Everyone is happy :)

Sound good?

My workflow and principles are constructed to maintain relationships, achieve a high standard and make everything as smooth as possible.

If you like the sound of them and have something that I can help you with, then we're a perfect match!

If you uphold them yourself, then we are destined to work together.