What's most important in a working relationship is that you can trust each other, to that end I have the following guarantees in place to ensure I uphold my end of the bargain.

On the flipside of this, you can read about my payment terms here.

This Guarantee applies to freelance projects purchased directly from me.


Each project will have a brief/specification outlining requested features, milestones to hit and the desired outcome that we will construct together.

At the end of each project, I will attempt to arrange a debrief (ideally in person, but could be over the phone or via e-mail) to ensure that everything within that brief has been done to the agreed upon standard that we outlined at the start. This will be done using the preview copies made available to you. If you are not satisfied the brief has been met at this stage I will make every effort to rectify this.

If rectification is not possible and you can prove the brief was not met (within reason), I will waive the rest of the charges and release the work.

Changes to brief mid-project

Anytime the brief changes mid-project this will have to be recorded and signed off on by both parties (via e-mail) to make sure the agreement is held up by both ends.

If the changes are agreed upon via phone, this will be sent via e-mail (including details, new charges etc.) and will require a reply as an agreement of the discussion before the changes take effect.

This is done in order to protect both parties and to ensure that you get exactly what you want.

What if I want to stop the project before completion?

It sometimes happens and it's understandable. It could be cash flow issues, a change in direction or just simply not feeling it!

In this case, work will be invoiced pro-rata and then released once all invoices have been paid.

What if you cancel the project before completion?

This is very unlikely and will only ever realistically happen if I suffer a serious hit to my health and cannot find anyone to cover for me.

If for any reason I want to stop working on your project before completion, you will not receive any more invoices or be expected to pay any active invoices and deposits will be refunded if no milestone payments have been made (if not working with a milestone payment plan, deposits will be fully refunded).

If working with a milestone payment plan and one milestone invoice has been paid, all work completed will be released to you in it's current state.