10% Rate

10% Rate

Awarded when you help a project happen.

Low Effort

Low Effort

You only need to know someone!

Skies the limit

Skies the limit

No monetary cap applied to the 10% rate.

While I do search for work on freelancer sites (Fiverr, People per Hour, Worksome etc.) and have my own network, there are some opportunities I just don't know about. That's where you come in!

Occasionally you might have a project come your way that isn't in your skill-set, you don't have time for or simply isn't your thing.

How much?

A 10% finders fee (no cap) will be awarded when a referral leads to a successful project or a 3rd party helps to facilitate work!

The Catch

There always has to be a downside and some caveats, but don't worry as they are mild ones.

The finders fee will apply to the deposit and first (non-deposit) invoice of that project. Potentially, you could have 10% of the entire project.

This will be given ONLY if the client confirms that they were referred to me by that person/3rd party.

The finder's fee doesn't apply to internal procurement or contracting roles (sorry recruiters, you guys already get paid to fill these) and will only be awarded to individuals or 3rd party organizations (e.g no referring yourself).

Struggling for ideas?

Know anyone that needs:


Boils down to one simple concept - 90% of something is better than 100% of nothing.

Found me some work?

If you have found me some work, make sure to tell the potential client to tell me you referred them and get them to contact me.

You should then also contact me to let me know how to get your fee to you.

Agency or recruiter?

Are you an agency, recruiter or freelance salesman?

This is aimed more at friends/families and individuals over agencies but you're welcome to go for it!

Contact me directly to negotiate a rolling rate for referrals and finding me work, if you want something different.

Finders & Referral Fee

An Easy, Earned Treat

Money for nothing? chicks for free

(Or at least, money for very little effort)

If you know of any opportunities or jobs that would suit my skill set, it could potentially be a win-win for both of us!