CAD was something I studied at school. I was fortunate enough to go to a school that was proud of its engineering facilities. This led to several projects involving the laser cutter, milling machine, and 2D Design.

After school I picked up CAD with my Uncle's electrical company doing layouts for buildings, detailing the places of fittings on top of existing blueprints.

Unfortunately, I'm not capable of architectural building layouts.

To this end, I offer the following services at a competitive rate:

Electrical, plumbing & utilities

I am capable of drawing new utility layouts and amending existing ones.
I offer this at both a fixed rate on Fiverr, hourly rate quote for bespoke work.

Drawings & diagrams

Need something translating into CAD and placing on a template?
I can do that for you!
This is bespoke work only, either quoted or done at an hourly rate.

Contact me to get started!