Bugs and issues are problems that plague all levels of development and all industries. No exceptions.

They can be as simple as CSS issues and as complex (and annoying) as a subtle memory leak that crashes your server every second Tuesday of the month.

Developers can't account or foresee every single bug that might appear in development, nor should they be expected to. QA and testing can only get you so far as well, the only way to truly find out about some bugs is to release.

The way users can break applications is sometimes.... impressive, to say the least! With unique hardware configurations and use cases arising over time.

Why is this a problem?

Pretty self-explanatory - a bug is a piece of behaviour that you don't want to occur in your application or website.

They can be just small annoyances (CSS issues) or incredibly serious (SQL injectionDirty COW).

These bugs, regardless of severity, take time away from your development team and can delay the release of new features.

In the case of more serious bugs, the loss of time might not be your only concern. Data breaches and security risks can pose an incredible risk to your organisation.

Why outsource?

Simply put - time, morale and knowledge.

Your internal development team, while familiar with the codebase, will be distracted from shipping features while resolving bugs and (to a lesser extent) potentially demoralised by fixing countless bugs.

There may also be some bugs that your developers might not be able to find, due to experience or just the wonders a fresh pair of eyes can bring.

During a normal development run, time isn't an issue as you can just set aside 'bug hours' (dedicated bug fixing time) each week for developers to hit, but when crunch time comes this might not be possible.

I'm a bug and issue specialist, I won't be demoralised by fixing bugs (quite the opposite, it's my bread and butter), I'm experienced in quickly diagnosing then fixing them and I can help provide relief when your development team is under pressure.

Bugs & Issues

Need some help?

We all get bugs in our code, no need to be ashamed!

If you're stuck or just don't have the time, I might be able to help.