Music In The Gardens started as a small idea organized by the Rotary Club of Sheffield which was to put on a small, live music concert in the Botanical Gardens to raise funds for local charities. Originally, Jazz in the Gardens was a one day, low key event. Since then, driven by customer demand (and certain economies of scale), Music in the Gardens has grown into an event recognized not only within Sheffield but now nationally as a special series of music concerts in the entertainments calendar.

I become involved with Music in the Gardens through the Rotary Club of Wortley and my Uncle. I was asked my Uncle (a member of Wortley's at the time) to come to film the festival for their website. Whilst there, I got talking to Geoff (one of the festival's organizers) and this led to managing their website.

After a few years, we parted ways, this was mainly due to my changing tactics in my business (moving away from media and towards software development) and their change in priorities.

Projects they hired me for