Happy new year!

Everyone, NY 2020

Hi there,

Happy new year!

Been a while with no updates, I want to keep this brief as I'm busy and if I don't it'll just get put off for longer (I also need to do my taxes).

I also couldn't find a related picture I liked (at least at a resolution suitable for the web), so here's a nice one of me doing clay pigeon shooting - pretend it's some business-speak for me being on target ;)

So, the major one is that I'm no longer freelancing! This is because I've managed to net myself a second CTO (Chief Technology Officer) role with a company called POS-uP, helping to launch our first product around March/April this year. Been the case for almost a year now, I'm just really bad at social media (part of my New Years resolution to be better).

Unfortunately due to NDAs, I can't say much more than I'm very happy with this job and the team, just last Thursday a few of us went airsofting together as a late Christmas do! I count myself lucky to have found a company where the people working there share very similar interests to myself.

This does mean I've neglected my Open Source commitments while I've been settling into the role, something I really want to get back into.

Since Bluemoo and my first foray into being a CTO, it helped me realise that's what I wanted to do long-term rather than freelancing, as it provides the same challenge but with a regular paycheck. Plus, this one is remote, which suits me nicely!

Anywho, hoping to get more on social media once the product is launched, I reckon I could knock a few good articles out on how we achieved what we did and what went wrong, so subscribe to my mailing list for that.

See you all later and I hope you're having a great 2020 so far!