6:12pm March 25, 2020
Article by Connor

Remote working is not just a cost-saver and a benefit to workers, it’s a necessity right now. I’ve busted 9 Myths (and made some awful jokes) to try and help.

You could literally save the planet, the human race and your company money at the same time.

7:49pm January 25, 2020
Update by Connor

Been a while with no updates, I want to keep this brief as I'm busy and if I don't it'll just get put off for longer (I also need to do my taxes).

I also couldn't find a related picture I liked, so here's a nice one of me doing clay pigeon shooting - pretend it's some business-speak for me being on target ;)

5:34pm March 5, 2019
Update by Connor

For those not in the know, I'm freelancing full-time (again) after a year and a half hiatus under part-time and full-time employment.

I'm Connor Graham, you may remember me from such trading names as Eager Amoeba or that boy who develops the software.

8:09pm August 17, 2016
Article by Connor

Undeniably the launch for No Man's Sky has been divisive. No getting around that. In this article I will outline what happened, what went wrong, what evidence exists to support critics claims and what can be done going forward to fix the game and gain the communities trust back. Minor spoilers ahead about the premise, but nothing story related or major.

7:49pm August 12, 2016
Guide by Connor

Presumably we all have devices with reader mode, be it your web browser, tablet, smartphone or TV in some cases. This is a useful tool when browsing the web which takes a page and reduces the content to plain text (and images with some), making your website compatible should be a priority. Particularly on pages with a lot of text and especially if you have a unique design.

7:34pm July 29, 2016
Guide by Connor

All web developers know or have heard about the importance of meta tags. Most of you are probably already familiar with these and implement them in your site, but it can't hurt to have a handy reference article and downloadable PDF (at the bottom).