Hello, I'm Connor Graham.

I'm a full stack developer specializing in the Symfony framework.

I have over 8 years of experience developing websites, games, web applications & software.

My main area of expertise is dealing with Symfony applications, CMS and non-framework PHP projects on a LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP).
I consider myself strongest when working with Symfony but I have a wealth of experience in Laravel, Silex and 'vanilla' PHP.
I've also worked on ASP.NET MVC projects and I'm very familiar with C#, having developed and released my own game in Unity.

A lot of my work has been done in the traffic sector for the UK but I have worked in and with creative agencies, developed a social network platform and as a film-maker for a number of years!

My project list gets a bit lengthy so I'll keep it to the three I'm most proud of here.

The most impressive project I've worked on (now in it's second run of development) is building a supporting database and server application for Blackpool's Bus Priority scheme.
Originally this was a quite involved web application allowing the involved bus company to input timetables, routes and virtually plan their operations if they desired. The second round is currently ongoing and we're looking to streamline the process in a number of ways, the main one being the removal of unnecessary bulk from the web side of the project.
The coolest part about this project is that the comms for it get bounced off of the Blackpool tower as part of their network infrastructure!

I also have my work included in traffic controllers up and down the country in the form of MORPH units. This project was done with Motus traffic and the brief was to create a modern web front end to interface with their units, part of the brief involved creating a custom database class intending to create SQL-like functionality without the disk space premium or overhead (as the system didn't have much room on this front).

Lastly, there's the social media platform I built as my time being the CTO for Bluemoo Studios. This was built Symfony and is the groundwork for their gaming product that's aiming to hit the market within the next few years. We utilized existing FOS bundles and our own custom code to deliver the desired functionality quickly and effectively.
During this period I also became a member of FOS (Friends of Symfony) on Github and will be taking over the development of the messaging bundle as my fork was the first to convert the bundle across to Symfony 4.

My story

My story

My story

I'm Sheffield born and bred and proud to be a Yorkshire lad. Whilst growing up I've always had a passion for film and media, I even used to ask my parents to tape adverts for me as a toddler and watched all of the “makings of” special features I could get my hands on.

During my teenage years, I managed to get a copy of Macromedia Studio MX 2004 (now Adobe Creative Cloud), with which I used to create some rough websites and flash games. One of my dreams as a child was owning my own website (now I own several and manage a few servers!).

Upon leaving school I studied business, photography, psychology, and media at Hillsborough College. I also managed to get an internship at a small media company called Mash Production.

Whilst reading the Paul McKenna book “I can make you rich” I got the idea to turn my passion for film-making and flash games into a business. I spoke to several advisors about starting my own business, through the services available to me in college and began the groundwork that would develop into Eager Amoeba®.

In 2011 I left college and after applying for several jobs I wasn't getting anywhere, so I took the plunge and became self-employed. With the interest I had gained by creating websites and films as a hobby I gained my first client. Leading to several years of freelance film-making and web development.

After a particularly stressful film shoot in 2015, I found two gray patches developing in my (otherwise) dark brown hair. This discovery led me to the revelation that I much preferred the web development jobs and I reluctantly put down my camera professionally.

In 2016 I became involved with Bluemoo Studios on a top secret project as their CTO, this led to me developing social media technology and pitching to the likes of Microsoft, Sony and Amazon in London as part of the Games Finance Market in 2018. The project, unfortunately, lays dormant now, but it was an incredibly worthwhile experience and I made some valuable friends. It was around this time I stopped calling myself a web developer and instead used the title 'Software Developer'.

During this time I also took on a part-time role as a software developer for Link-2 in 2017, where I gained valuable experience developing internal tools with ASP.NET MVC. During this year I moved house and with a heavy heart left Link-2 for Rare Creative Group in order to reduce my commute time significantly and try full-time employment for the first time.

I joined Rare Creative Group as a software developer in August 2018 and spent a fantastic six months with them helping to solve a wide variety of problems. In January 2019 I parted with Rare on good terms after realizing I preferred the consultant/contractor lifestyle.

I now trade under my real name for software development and use Eager Amoeba® as a trading name within the video games industry.

That about brings everything up to date!

What I've done

I have worked with several local and international businesses and organizations. This includes; Motus Traffic, Blackpool Council, Pell Frischmann, Wortley branch of Rotary International, Secrets of the Boudoir Burlesque, Link-2, Rare Creative Group and Music in the Gardens.

One of my claims to fame is interviewing several high-profile bands in conjunction with Music in the Gardens. These include Bellowhead, 10cc, From the Jam and Heaven 17.

I've covered live events, produced short advertisements, created websites, animated logos, designed interfaces, wrote documentation, produced video tutorials, created short documentaries, managed servers, developed database and software solutions including one that manages a Bus Priority system for Blackpool Council.

I have also made my own CMS, Petri. This has now been deprecated in favor of Bolt, but the experience was a valuable one. When it was active it powered my websites and web-based software solutions.